4 generations of Riverland viticulture and wine-making based on the traditions of the Grigoriou Family.

With a focus on sustainability, Portia Valley Wines specialize in growing organic grapes and producing organic wine in the Riverland in South Australia.

Portia Valley Wines also owns and operates South Australian Wine Botllers, a specialist in the supply and packaging of South Australian wine for buyers-own-brand and export markets. For more information on South Australian Wine Bottlers, please see the website at www.sawb.com.au.



Contact Information

Ph: +61 (0) 418 839 339
Office: +61 (0) 8 7160 1120


PO Box 181

Our Approach to Winemaking


It’s a whole systems approach…
Organics is not just “chemical free”. For us, it is a whole systems or holistic means of growing and handling our vineyard and fruit.
We consider and nurture all the elements…
Soil. Plants. Animals. Food. People. Environment.