Portia Valley Wines owns and operates almost 100 acres of vineyards in the Riverland wine grape growing region of South Australia. The vineyards are Australian Certified Organic (Producer Number 10936A) and were planted between 1990-2005. A majority of the vines were planted on their own roots with a diverse range of clone stock and selected varieties used.

Varieties planted are:

  • Shiraz
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Petit Verdot
  • Chardonnay


The Riverland region enjoys a Mediterranean climate with low rain fall, mild winters, dry summers and low humidity. Rich and fertile sandy loam soils make this a perfect climate and region for growing organic grapes and the making of organic wines. Vines are trellised on two wires vertical 500 mm apart, with 1.2 meter vine spacing and 3 meter row width, allowing for good air flow and minimising the risk of any disease.

The vineyard is irrigated by drip irrigation with moisture monitoring and good drainage. Vintage is from late January until mid April each year, and harvesting is all done by machine in the cool of the night. Fortunately, our dry environment rarely has rainfall during harvest so there are few factors during this time that can spoil the fruit of our labour.