Needle & Pin “Riverland Dry” Gin

Needle & Pin “Riverland Dry” Gin

We established our distillery with a keen focus on gin, grappa and vodka. We have come to understand that great spirits don’t just make themselves, they require a keen focus on the craft of distilling.

Sustainability, craft and locality are the three major foundations of our distillery. Our Needle & Pin “Riverland Dry” gin was created to capture the essence of our backyard, the Riverland. With everything at our fingertips; oranges, mandarins, olive, saltbush, raisin, almond; we are able to support those local producers that sometimes are overlooked on a grand scale.

All our spirits use a wine base that we make ourselves from our own organic holdings in the Riverland. “Spent” wine or wine that is left over from bottling is put into our still and distilled back to a neutral spirit that sits at about 87%.

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