Grigori Vintners SA Chardonnay

Our Grigori Vintners wines are our representation of Australia’s largest and most important wine producing regions, sourcing fruit from different vineyards across the country, from the warm climate of the Riverland to the cooler Heathcote region. The wines are multi-regional blends that highlight the best Australia has to offer, creating wines even greater than the sum of their parts.


The palate shows citrus peel and melon with a rich tropical note. Soft and easy drinking in texture the wine is viscous without being cloying. The wine finishes with a crisp lemon peel freshness and zesty acidity. Overall, this is a fresh and lively wine to enjoy on its own, or match it with fish and chicken dishes. Drink now while fresh and fruity.

The fruit for this wine was harvested from vineyards with careful row selection yielding the best possible parcels for use in this blend. The fruit was harvested within the range of 12.5 to
13.0 Baume, once it had developed a full intensity and complexity of flavours, while retaining a crisp acid structure mouthfeel for complex flavours on the finish.

The cold grapes were crushed and lightly pressed. Cold settling followed immediately at ultra low temperatures. The free run was kept separate to ensure that only the finest juice was used toensure a wine of premium quality. This juice was then very slowly fermented using selected yeast strains to enhance the natural fruit aromas of the grapes individual component wines were selected to create a delicate, crisp and refreshing style of wine showing elegance, finesse and concentration.

Riverland, South Australia
This wine exhibits a bright
yellow colour with a green edge.
Ripe tropical fruit, melon and
citrus hint of honey. Finishes
with a crisp lemon peel
freshness, zesty acidity
The palate also shows citrus
peel and melon with a rich
tropical note.
The wine was stored in stainless
steel tanks to preserve fruit
freshness and flavour
This versatile wine is well suited
to fish, chicken, silky textured
risottos and cream enhanced
soups, sauces and pastas.
ALCOHOL (Alc/Vol) 13.5%

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