Artist Series Petit Verdot


The Petit Verdot was designed as an extension of our Artist Series, Exemplifying amazing artistic work by Riley Sheehy of the French Riviera.

The story behind the name


The Petit Verdot label was designed in partnership with Riley Sheehy. The artwork show’s a the French Riviera where the weather is warm and the mood is always happy. We have captured this with our Artist Series Petit Verdot which is sure to put warmth in your heart and a smile on your face.



A deep color , with a balance between black cherry and Raspberry.



100% Petit Verdot. The fruit was grown on our Riverland Vineyards.  The quality of the Petit Verdot grape was pivotal, as it had to preserve a full intensity and complexity of flavours while containing the dryness and delicacy of structure the wine now has.



After harvesting in the cool of night, the free run juice was drained once the colour and flavour was deemed right by the winemaker. Careful reductive handling was employed to ensure that the juice was not oxidised and freshness was maintained. Cold settling of the juice at 1oC for a week ensured a crystal clear juice was admitted to fermentation. Different yeast strains were used to add complexity to the wine and to build additional mouthfeel and to add fruitiness. The wine has been held in temperature controlled vessels throughout its life at 10-12oC to maintain freshness and avoid premature aging.



Riverland, South Australia
A vibrant pink which will turn an
autumnal red with age.
Nose of black cherry and violet.
Full-bodied that is rich in dark fruits,
including black cherry, violet, plum and
lilac are common.
The wine is bottled as soon as it
is ready to preserve freshness
Fresh and lively wine to enjoy
on its own or with a roast lamb.

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