Grigori Family Reserve Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon

Our Family Reserve collection is the culmination of over 50 years of Grigoriou family wine making tradition.


Full bodied rich and complex, the colour is dark. The aroma is lifted with varietal characters and oaky scent. A wine that can be enjoyed on itโ€™s own or with food.

The fruit for this wine was harvested from the Killian and Chairmanโ€™s Lane vineyards with careful row selection yielding the best possible parcels for use in this blend. The fruit was harvested
within the range of 13.5 to 14.5 Baume, once it had developed a full intensity and complexity of flavours, embodied by a full rounded tannic structure, important for mouthfeel and long, complex flavours on the finish.

Fruits are fermented nicely under a temperature controlled stain steel tank. Pump over three times a day during fermentation to fully extract tannin and flavour from skin. The depth of fruit flavour and bold tannin structure achieved meant that from the beginning this wine was built to last. Fermentation was completed in French oak barrels.

Coonawarra , South Australia
Deep ruby red
Red plum, dark fruit,
blackcurrent, with a hint of dried
herbs. Balanced well with vanilla
and chocolate oaky aroma.
Spice, dark chocolate, tannin,
juicy fruit characters, blood
plums and cassis berries.
French Oak new and reused
18 months .
This complex full bodied wine
should be served at room
temperature and is perfectly
suited to nearly all red meats,
also try lamb or pepper crusted
ALCOHOL (Alc/Vol) 14.0
Tannin: High
Acidity: Medium
Oak: Medium
Sweetness: Dry
Body: Full

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