Grigori Vintners SA Cabernet Sauvignon

Our Grigori Vintners wines are our representation of Australia’s largest and most important wine producing regions, sourcing fruit from different vineyards across the country, from the warm climate of the Riverland to the cooler Heathcote region. The wines are multi-regional blends that highlight the best Australia has to offer, creating wines even greater than the sum of their parts.


This is a rich and complex wine with layers of flavour and soft, fine, well-structured tannins. The wine shows a brick red colour with a rich and complex nose prominent in blackcurrant, tobacco and typical leafy characters with hints of game. There are hints of cassis flavours, cigar box and cedar all combined with lingering gamey note.

The fruit for this wine was harvested from vineyards with careful row selection yielding the best possible parcels for use in this blend. The fruit was harvested within the range of 13.5 to
14.0 Baume, once it had developed a full intensity and complexity of flavours, embodied by a full rounded tannic structure, important for mouthfeel and long, complex flavours on the finish.

The quality of the fruit lent itself to extended skin contact for optimum extraction of colour, so after crushing the fruit was Fermented on skins in temperature - controlled stainless steel forbetween ten and twelve days. Pressing, settling and clarification followed and the winemaking process was completed with the assessment and grading of all the separate components beforeassemblage of the final blends.

Riverland, South Australia
Brick red colour
The nose offers a varietal
expression with plum and black
olive and a hint of
herbaceous. Blackcurrant,
tobacco and typical leafy
characters with hints of game.
nose prominent in blackcurrant,
tobacco and typical leafy
characters with hints of game.
Careful oak handling has added
complexity to both the nose and
the palate, while complimenting
the blackcurrant flavours with
superb length and elegant
The wine was stored in stainless
steel tanks to preserve fruit
freshness and flavour.
It currently makes a superb
accompaniment to red meats,
game birds and hard cheeses.
Try it also with hearty stews and
ALCOHOL (Alc/Vol) 14.0%

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