La Catrina Moscato

La Catrina is all about celebration and sweetness. With her mischievous smile La Catrina, the referential image of Dia de lo Muertos, pleads with us to seize the moment.


Sweet bursting with flavor, lightly fizzed and easy drinking wine that can be enjoyed on it’s own and with company with friends.

The fruit for this wine was harvested from vineyards with careful row selection yielding the best possible parcels for use in this blend. The fruit was harvested within the range of 12.5 to 14.0 Baume, once it had developed a full intensity and complexity of flavours, while retaining a crisp acid structure mouthfeel for complex flavours on the finish.

The cold grapes were crushed and lightly pressed. Cold settling followed immediately at ultra low temperatures. The free run was kept separate to ensure that only the finest juice was used toensure a wine of premium quality. This juice was then very slowly fermented using selected yeast strains to enhance the natural fruit aromas of the grapes individual component wines were selected to create a delicate, crisp and refreshing style of wine showing elegance.

Murray Darling, South-Eastern
Pale Pink
Moscato opens with rich and
ripe strawberry, lychee and
lifted floral aromatics.
Refreshing sweetness, some
delicious honeyed notes, zesty
acidity to balance out the
sweetness. Citrus notes of lime
intermingle with honeysuckle,
peaches and rosewater, which
follow through to the creamy
The wine is bottled as soon as it
is ready to preserve freshness.
Moscato pairs particularly well
with spicy Asian fare as the
sweet from the wine tame the
heat in the food.
Moscato forte is dessert, think
creamy cheesecake, it is also
perfect with sweet brunch
dishes. A Moscato served
chilled is ideal for drinking
without food as an Aperitif
ALCOHOL (Alc/Vol) 7.0%

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